The Mar Thoma Suvusesha Sevika Sanghom

The Sevika Sangham is an active organization of the Mar Thoma Church, established at the 1919 Maramon Convention. It enables women to participate in the life and mission of the Church.

The Jerusalem Mar Thoma church Sevika Sangham reaches out to the community by supporting evangelists, orphanages and medical missions. The Sangham also provides financial support for marriage and housing for the needy and supports missionary work in rural areas.

The women participate in activities within the parish by visiting the sick in the hospitals, visit destitute homes helping out their families in time of necessity and calling on senior citizens to spend quality time with them. They raise funds through donation drive, breakfast sales etc to finance these mission activities.

To strengthen the spiritual life among the members, the Sevika Sangham meets regularly for Bible study and prayer. It organizes one day retreats and a Sevika Sangham Day is observed once a year, when the women lead the worship service.